History of Florida Traffic School

Florida traffic school has come a long way since its early days. With the advances in modern technology, driver's can now take traffic school in a more innovative and convenient way: online traffic school. Since online traffic school first started in 1996, the state of Florida soon after started allowing drivers to take Florida traffic school online.

history of florida traffic school

Where Florida Traffic School Began

Back in the 1980's, when Florida traffic school was just beginning, any driver who received a traffic citation would be required to go to a live classroom in order to attend traffic school. For a basic traffic citation, these classes were a standard four (4) hours and you would need to complete the classes all at once and in the same day. The live classes were taught by professional safety instructors (such as a retired police officer) and generally were not the most fun or entertaining classes to take part in.

Evolution into Florida Online Traffic School

After the state of Florida saw the success of online traffic school in the State of California, they decided to take their chances and give driver's more options when needing to take a driver safety course. Florida traffic school online started just a few short years after. These Florida online traffic school courses provided (and still do) similar information to that of a live classroom, except you are able to study when it is most convenient for you! Packed with engaging images, graphics, and interactive videos, many jumped at the opportunity to take Florida traffic school as a home study program rather than sitting in a boring classroom.

Now, with being available for over a decade, Florida online traffic school is booming. Instead of only taking the course when receiving a moving traffic violation, many take the course to lower their insurance premiums and/or to gain more knowledge on becoming a safer driver. Because of its convenience, Florida traffic school online has revolutionized the traffic school and driver safety world.

State Approved Florida Driving Safety Course

There are many choices when looking to find a Florida online traffic school. Before making your final decision, though, there are a few key things that you will want to look for when it comes to your traffic school provider.

Firstly, you will want to make sure the online course you wish to attend is approved by the Florida DHSMV (or Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles). If the school is not approved by the Florida DHSMV, your court or insurance provider may not accept your certificate of completion. Here you are able to ensure the approval of Florida Fun Traffic School.

Secondly, you will want a school that will send your completion directly to the Florida DHSMV. Florida Fun Traffic School submits your certificate directly to the Florida DHSMV within a 24 hour period for your convenience.

As traffic school has evolved, so has our company. We are here to assure drivers in the State of Florida that we are here to help.

A Quick Glance at Online Traffic School

As home computers and the Internet have become more accessible, it is no surprise that many prefer to take an online or home study program when it comes to participating in a Florida Basic Driver Improvement course. When you take your driver safety course online with Florida Fun Traffic School you are able to:

  • Log off and on the course at your own leisure. You will never lose the progress you made on the program because our systems automatically save the work you have done.
  • Contact us anytime, 24/7.
  • Refer back to any of the material you previously read. If you do not remember the answer to a question, you are able to go back to look your answer up.
  • And more!

Our online driver safety program is available anywhere that you have access to the Internet. Since the early 2000's, Florida Fun Traffic School has been assisting millions of drivers dismiss their traffic violations, keep their insurance premiums low, and teach the art of defensive driving.

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