Florida Traffic School – Point System & Traffic Tickets

As you may know, driving in the State of Florida, or any state in the United States for that matter, is a privilege, not a right. If you break the driving laws, either once or multiple times, you will suffer the consequences.

When you fail to follow the rules of the road and receive Florida traffic tickets, you are able to participate in a Florida Traffic School to make sure no negative points reach your driver’s license. You do have to elect to take traffic school with the court, however. If you choose to not participate in a driver safety course for Florida, the DMV will assign points to your driver’s license and your Florida auto insurance may raise a great amount.

The Florida DMV Points are as follows:

florida traffic violation point system chart

*Note: If you receive a violation outside of the State of Florida, you will still receive the same amount of points on your driver’s license. The State of Florida has reciprocal agreements with most other states.Click here for more information on receiving a moving traffic violation outside of Florida.

Florida DMV points and the Florida Point System are no joke! If you acquire too many points on your driver’s license by receiving too many Florida traffic tickets or out-of-state traffic citations, the State of Florida and your Florida auto insurance provider will take action.

Your Florida driver’s license will be suspended if:

florida drivers license suspension chart

Receiving Florida traffic tickets and being assessed Florida DMV points doesn’t just affect your driver’s license, it also affects your Florida auto insurance. Did you know that depending on the type of violation you receive, a single ticket can up your auto insurance premiums by as much as 22 percent? This study was conducted by Insurance.Com and used over 490,000 policy quotes. With the cost of traffic citations rising, you wouldn’t want to cause your insurance premiums to do so as well!

All this can be avoided if you elect to take traffic school before points are assigned to your driver’s license. For more information on taking a Florida traffic school, click here.

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Florida DHSMV Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why take Florida online traffic school?

    There’s no down side, especially if you have a ticket you would like removed from your driving record. Our basic driver improvement course is easy with short chapters and open-book multiple-choice quizzes and final exam. In just about four hours you will be done! You can complete our state-approved Florida defensive driving course today to have your ticket dismissed or points removed from your account. The course is fun, flexible, and affordable. What could be easier?

  • How will completing the Florida traffic school course affect my insurance rates?

    By dismissing your traffic ticket, you will be protected from auto insurance rate hikes due to the citation. Taking our course may even qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance. Check with your insurance carrier to find out.

  • How much time does it take to complete the course?

    Would you believe you can complete the course in less than half a day? If you take the course straight through, it should take about four (4) hours. The course is timed so that you spend a specific amount of time on each chapter. You don’t need to take the course all at once. You can log in and out as you prefer.

  • How do I receive course credit?

    When you complete the course and pass the final exam, you will receive a completion certificate. We will automatically submit your certificate to the DHSMV upon completion. If you are taking the course for court purposes, you will also receive a physical copy which you will need to present to the court. That’s it!

  • Do I need to take the final exam somewhere else?

    No, the final exam is completed online just like the rest of the course. You don’t need to leave home or have anyone looking over your shoulder to finish the program; just find somewhere comfortable and complete it at your own pace.

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